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I spent part of this weekend catching up on my Glee.

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How did it get so late?

Where did the morning go?

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B.I.T.E.: Mistakes

Yesterday was Twelfth Night and so, for that reason and because it was Work At Home Wednesday (which I’m considering changing to Friday), I made a Galette des Rois.  And, as you can see, it exploded in the oven.

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There is so much promise in candlelight.  Hope, romance, the future, the past, warmth, safety, memory, celebration, holiness, peace, life, truth, patience, courage, knowledge, love — all in a bit of wax and a burning flame.  I always feel my … Continue reading

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Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About…Meditation

Recently, I’ve started meditating.  Sometimes I get into the lotus position, sometimes I’m lying down, sometimes I’m just sitting up.  My eyes are closed.  Now what?

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