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the to do list

There’s something very satisfying about crossing stuff off the to do list

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Obsessing on

…a simple midcentury lounge chair.

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Why Not…? Go For It

There are days, and they are usually the days that need chocolate, when I feel a pang of regret and sadness and I wonder…

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Lessons from the dessert table….

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Doncha Love…

…having dinner with good friends?

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Doncha Love…

…getting up early and knowing you can stay in bed for a while before you have to get up?  This works when you are alone (I like making tea or coffee and then letting it cool off on my nightstand … Continue reading

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You’ve got a list.  I know you do.  We all do.  Places you want to go, things you want to do, skills you want to master. And then your friggin’ life interferes.  You’ve got bills to pay, a house to … Continue reading

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