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The Brick House

When I die, I don’t care if I go to heaven or hell as long as everyone I know is there and it’s furnished by The Brick House.

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BITE Eats: Laurel Tavern

I’ve been venturing over the hill for lunch with Ravioli. Though Loteria’s opened up nearby, somehow Laurel Tavern’s become our regular spot.

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The other day Typefiend showed up for brunch wearing this combination of blue and white patterns.

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BITE bites: Fig & Olive

Spending an evening with good friends is fun. Trying out a cool new restaurant with them? Even better.

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And some days you come back with something

Until I can find a kilim couch, I feel pretty content with these pillows which I found, courtesy of the eversocool A Time To Get‘s excellent directions, in Santa Barbara. A collection has begun.

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Doncha Love…

…unexpectedly finding something you love at a sample sale?

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B.I.T.E.: Leftovers

Although I often feel silly getting a doggie bag, I always feel really happy the next morning.  

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Doncha Love…

…Ikea?  There’s so much possibility here, all to be had cheaply.  I got these plant pots there and I’m absolutely loving their rough simplicity.  I also got the plants there.

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Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About…Miscommunication

I’m feeling disappointed that the technology that’s supposed to keep us connected more often works to tear us apart.

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Shopping with friends gives you a whole new perspective on your self-image.  They always have a very clear idea of what they think you would look cute in.

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