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road trip: tustin

Elle needed to go to Tustin. Happy Mundane and I went along for the ride.

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have furniture, will travel

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for furniture lately.

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Doncha Love…

spending an afternoon wine tasting? Last year, Napa.  This year, Temecula.  Next year, the Loire Valley?

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Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About…Car-less In LA

My car was ready and there was no one around to drive me to the mechanic.  So I took the bus.

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Why Not…

…drive out to the desert in the middle of the night to watch the shooting stars and then stop at The Donut Man on the way home for a fresh fruit donut?

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Doncha Hate…

…raisins?  I must be the only one in the whole world who hates them.  I feel frustrated; it seems like they put them in everything.

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Woo hoo!  Spontaneous road trip!   I love unplanned adventure.

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Ahhhh yes, a full tank of gas.  I’m ready for anything and anywhere.  Let’s go.

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Doncha Love…Driving

Let’s get this out in the open.  I did not get my driving license until I was 25 or 26.  And I’d never really done the whole “driving on the freeway” thing until Rollagirl and I got in the car … Continue reading

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