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The Brick House

When I die, I don’t care if I go to heaven or hell as long as everyone I know is there and it’s furnished by The Brick House.

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Brutalist chandeliers


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On my Marc

The Bill Cunningham documentary left me buzzed on the exuberance, frivolity and sheer pleasure of fashion. It also left me feeling a little sad. To cheer myself up, I went to Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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happy yellow flowers

lt feels like Gerbera daisies are a kid’s idea of what a really happy flower looks like.

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Help me pick a round dining table

I want a place for my bentwood armchairs to hang out. Where my utilitarian white dishware, bright orange dessert plates, old fashioned gold-rimmed glasses and sterling silver cutlery can be counterbalanced by something simple and modern.

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Simplicity is beautiful

The whole higgeldy-piggedly “pile of boxes as storage unit” has been sort of quiet trend over on Apartment Therapy for a while now.

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Influences 1

More and more I’ve come to feel my decor is a mix of all of the visual influences that have impacted me throughout my life. It felt like it would be fun to share some of them.

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Incorporating the past: Crochet Afghan

I’ve inherited all kinds of stuff from my family. Some of it I use frequently but sometimes I feel stumped by how to use something in my home.

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My pouf, she has arrived!

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Cleaning out the closets

Often I find that, if I have a really challenging problem to solve (like how to get into the story of a pitch), it’s works best if I put it on my mind’s back burner and go do something else.

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