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Simplicity is beautiful

The whole higgeldy-piggedly “pile of boxes as storage unit” has been sort of quiet trend over on Apartment Therapy for a while now.

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Design: The Inside Of My Cupboards

More changes afoot. This time in the kitchen.

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B.I.T.E: Outbox

Yesterday the living room.  Today, the mess in the corner.  Or, in Apartment Therapy parlance, the outbox.

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B.I.T.E. Living Room In Progress

After the office, the living room.

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More changes to the office.

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How To…

I knit.  I sew.  I bake.  I own a glue gun.  I loves me a DIY. I’m a sucker for a craft store or anything that comes in a kit. Welcome to my inner Martha.

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Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About…Intention

Yesterday there was no day job to rush out the door to.  There was a slow padding across the house in socks to my new office.

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B.I.T.E.: Home

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the house tour I did for Apartment Therapy. Click here.

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