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Rockin’ Ramen

I’m intrigued by David Chang’s (he of Momofuku fame) new publication, Lucky Peach, which promises to dig deep into one food topic in each issue, a method dear to my research-lovin’ heart.

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BITE sees: Copie Conforme

My favorite kinds of movies (my favorite kind of anything really) are the ones that leave my brain feeling a little boggled at the end, trying to untangle a question of what is true and what isn’t.

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Violet Eyes

On one of my first visits to Los Angeles, I crashed with a friend and her boyfriend in their tiny beach shack in Venice. It was cute…but it was far from glamorous.

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If you’re crazy enough to go to do something crazy, like go to a 2 am showing of Harry Potter, it’s good to know you have at least one friend that’s crazy enough to go with you.

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If I Had A Million Dollars: Wishing

Aren’t you always wishing for stuff?  Like I wish I could clap my hands and the laundry would be done or I wish it was Friday or I wish I could get a reservation for Ludobites or I wish this … Continue reading

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