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Little Bits Of Awesome

Little Oranges came by today bearing gifts!

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Like I need another round table

I don’t know what it is with me and round tables lately.

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A trip to Ikea

Face it, modern decor requires at least one trip to Ikea. So that’s where I was on Day eight.

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Day Seven

If there are any parts of decorating that fill me with dread, one is painting. Another? Selecting paint colors.

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Day six

Notice anything different?

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30 days to redecorate

I realized this morning that I’ve been doing one thing a day towards redecorating. So that’s the plan.

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Back to redecorating.

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I want to live in a Miele Dishwasher

You think I jest. I do not.

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I’ve got a DIY spirit and an all-thumbs soul.

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The Brick House

When I die, I don’t care if I go to heaven or hell as long as everyone I know is there and it’s furnished by The Brick House.

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