BITE Quotes

Monsters lead such interesting lives.
– Bugs Bunny

Well, that’s excuse anyway.

The real truth is that I’ve been: instagramming, twittering, blogging for Apartment Therapy, writing for Angeleno, Angeleno Interiors, California Brides, traveling to NY for ICFF, traveling to Big Bear for…well for nothing actually (though I did get the opportunity to show off my mad fish gutting skillz), managing things over at the DwellonDesign website in preparation for the big show at the end of June, eating oysters, hanging out with little e and non-profit, my small cousins, cleaning out the closet (again), learning new techniques in blow drying my hair, practicing my winged eyeliner technique, listening to One Dimension, daydreaming, watching Torchwood, eating kale, juice fasting and considering orange toenails for summer.

But here I am, risen from the dead, with plans and schemes and ideas.

More details on all of the above forthcoming.

So let the wild rumpus begin! Again.

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