Scents of self


I have been wearing the same perfume, Coco by Chanel, since like forever.

Oh I’ve tried wearing other scents. There was the Gaultier run (too fruity), the Issey Miyake I wore to please a boyfriend (too light for me though it works beautifully on Rose), the L’Instant D’Ete I bought in Paris after a week of testing new fragrances and that was banished the moment a friend remarked that his ex-wife had worn it. I’ve had my Poison moments, my Opium days, a brief fling with Amirage. The Prada will do in a pinch but there is something about Coco.

According to Avery Gilbert, a sensory psychologist, what wearing this spicy oriental says about me is: I am inviting, like to test others, and am not afraid to reveal my sensual side.


Or maybe it’s because I just like to imagine I am the woman in the commercial, irreverent, gawky, awkward and mischevious.

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