Considering: West Elm

July 14th. Bastille Day, Bean’s birthday, I still haven’t picked a color (though I put it out on Apartment Therapy yesterday) and I’ve still got plenty of stuff to do if I’m going to make this thirty day deadline. So I was quite excited when I got the news that West Elm had released their spring line.

West Elm has been hitting some visual home runs lately; their catalogues have been enticing. And now this. Maybe it’s because I’m on an exotic streak lately (ya think?) but this Raj/Morroccan vibe is doing it for me. Love the mix of mid-century furniture upholstered in exotic fabric, the deep colour range and the tactility of everything. In fact, I’m gonna run over there tomorrow to take a look at that rug. It feels like may be just what the front door needs until I can find the (prolly very pricey) kilim or Navajo rug of my dreams (and I definitely doubt I’ll find one reasonably priced in the next 15 days). Also, my friends over at West Elm are telling me I gotta see the pillows. Apparently fab in person. Like I need more pillows. I need more pillows like I need more round tables (okay, I did order one itsy bitsy round table for next to the flea market chair). See the whole collection here.

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