Another reason to go to Indiana


This is the living room of the Miller House, recently acquired by the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

With textiles by Alexander Girard and furniture by Eero Saarinen, I love how it blends the modern with the exotic (jonesing over those pillows, not to mention that sunken conversation pit! I mean, doesn’t everyone want one of those?)

The other reasons to visit Indiana are my cousin Aimless and an apparent glut of fabulous mid-century modern furniture available for pennies at thrift stores and flea markets throughout the state. (Aimless was kind enough to send me this excellent table:


but, after the joys — NOT — of wrapping it and shipping it to me via Greyhound, she’s decided that in the future I need to haul my ass out there and do it myself.)

Feels like it’s time for a road trip!

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  1. Amy says:

    shhhhh! Now everyone will know.

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