Day Seven


If there are any parts of decorating that fill me with dread, one is painting. Another? Selecting paint colors.

I am decision challenged. It’s a place where I can easily get overwhelmed. So put me into a situation where I have to choose from 200 shades of white and my brain just shuts down. I mean full stop. And refuses to go any further.

Luckily, I have peeps for this sort of decision making. And these three colours are what the peeps have suggested. Grey Owl, Classic Grey and Abalone. Three colours I can handle. Painting them on big pieces of canvas makes it a lot easier to choose which one is right. Turns out Classic Grey is kinda yellowy, Abalone is kinda brown and Grey Owl is just right, a little cool, a little blue and, held against the items in the room, helps everything to pop.

But that was last night.

This morning everything’s looking completely different:

That’s Grey Owl up there on the left, looking a little dark, a tad dirty light blue; Classic Grey in the center, pale as can be; and, Abalone, a touch too brown last night, looking perfectly pale dove grey this morning.

Argh! Let’s see where we are in the next few hours! More will be revealed.

What do you think?

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