Day four


Irvine flea with HappyMundane and TrustYourStyle yielded a substitute for the magazine rack (I broke when I fell onto it while trying to get my pay per view to work) and another piece of pottery (can’t have too many, right?)

C’mon, it’s cute…ummm, right?

Also picked up this Rolly side table via Craigslist:
I’m a sucker for a tambour door.

This makes the third of three round tables; I feel pretty sure I’m set for a while. The Herman Miller hack table still need some work (base painted and actually attach the top!) but overall, I like that they’re three different sizes and heights and woods and styles. (of course if I find a tall, small table ***cough Eames Time Life Stool cough*** I may ease the moratorium.

I can push them together to make one huge coffee table if need be. Once the floor pillows come in it will be even more fun; living room as giant fort that can be moved around and rearranged as the mood strikes!

On the agenda for tomorrow: paint swatching. Elle’s suggested a toss up between BM’s light grey and grey owl. Of course, paint swatching will mean that painting is on the calendar and I am so not looking forward to that. I wonder if I can get Mr. M to take care of it…

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