The Brick House

When I die, I don’t care if I go to heaven or hell as long as everyone I know is there and it’s furnished by The Brick House.

It’s hard not to be covetous of Morgan’s flawless taste. There’s the Knoll-inspired couch she’s kindly put aside for me, the baseball glove-soft Chesterfield in her den, the faux Prouve, the mangled bits of pottery…need I go on? She’s got that amazing mix of masculine heft, feminine curve, 70s sex appeal, mid-century modern classic, brass irony and kitschy craft fair down to a science. A very appealing and inviting science.

BTW, if you’re considering splurging on a present for my birthday, you have about a week to get your bid in on her new eBay shop for the pictured coffee table. How perfect would it be in my living room?

PS: Happy almost-birthday, Ms M!

image: Morgan Satterfield for The Brick House

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