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There are some things that just convey legitimacy and announce to the world that you’ve arrived. One of those is having your name in The New York Times.

I’m not just talking in the wedding announcements or in the obits (though those bestow a certain gravitas on those occassions), but for other reasons: a review of your work, your picture taken by Bill Cunningham, a mention in a column, a byline, a profile. Second to having it happen to yourself? Having it happen to your friends. Which made Thursday a red-letter day for me.

The Home & Garden Section included an article on the proliferation of online decor magazines which included a profile of Anne and Crystal of Rue (though the article was mean-spirited and petty*, I felt excited that they’ve been recognized as part of an important movement in the future of media!); it also included these amazing pictures shot by Laure that accompanied this article on sustainable living. If you didn’t catch the paper IRL, you can check out the online version here. Don’t forget to watch the slideshow of Laure’s breathtaking pictures. One of the things I really love about Laure’s work is how she makes it look so effortless. Working with her or just walking around with her, camera in hand, is a lesson in how good photographs are really just sharing how you look at the world. Laure’s photographs are very like her; they show her delicate balance of color, her wonder and surprise at tiny, odd juxtapositions, her love of light and nature and the strong influence of her mixed French and California childhood on the shapes and designs she gravitates towards.

images: Laure Joliet for The New York Times

*Grace Bonney over on Design*Sponge had a very articulate reponse to this article which, if you’re at all interested in the future of media, the responsibilities of journalists and how women need to band together to shore each other up, is a must read.

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  1. laure says:

    Abby, you’re totally making me cry. Thanks for such lovely words!

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