gratuitous sleeping cat photo

Here I am, wide awake, 2:30 in the morning, dream still vivid but sleep a memory.

I used to be really good at sleep. Really good. Like 8-10 hours good. But something’s changed. Now I’m up, city’s asleep, and every night it’s the same debate: stare at the ceiling or get up, wondering if this is a temporary thing or a permanent state.

I’ve been trying to learn to embrace those hours til 5:30 when, if I’m lucky, I may fall asleep again. And I wonder, can a person live on three hours of sleep a night? Will I go crazy from not sleeping? Will I end up like that poor Italian family and die from lack of sleep?

Of course, that fear may be what’s keeping me awake in the first place.

Image: bundu, from Flickr, with a Creative Commons License

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