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Sea me

Lately, I’ve been finding all things boatish appealing.

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How To: High Heels, part 1

The other night I wore the big heels.

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How did it get so late?

Where did the morning go?

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Help me pick a summer shoe

It’s mid-April. Time to buy my summer wear everyday shoe.

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Simplicity is beautiful

The whole higgeldy-piggedly “pile of boxes as storage unit” has been sort of quiet trend over on Apartment Therapy for a while now.

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Influences 1

More and more I’ve come to feel my decor is a mix of all of the visual influences that have impacted me throughout my life. It felt like it would be fun to share some of them.

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the to do list

There’s something very satisfying about crossing stuff off the to do list

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BITE Eats: Laurel Tavern

I’ve been venturing over the hill for lunch with Ravioli. Though Loteria’s opened up nearby, somehow Laurel Tavern’s become our regular spot.

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I am jonesing for…

A Cherche Midi handbag.

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Walls and I were at the Farmer’s Market the other day, hanging out in the candy section after lunch at Loteria, when we spied these.

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