Photographer On My Radar: Chris Court

Here is another Ozzie photographer. Chris Court is the brother of Sibella Court, she of the eclectic objects and voluptuous interiors. There is a family style resemblance.

When I studied in Rome, I spent a lot of times studying Renaissance paintings. That’s what Rome’s all about, right? My favorite, hands down? Caravaggio. It’s amazing what the man can do with light. (Not to mention that he did me a solid; since I spent so much time looking at his work, I knew it pretty much backwards and forwards so, when it showed up on the art history test, I aced that mothafucka. And that’s saying something; one of the peeps in my class is now a seriously big deal curator. But, I digress.) As I was saying, light. Now light, like men, is something I doubt I’ll ever really understand, but, if I keep this metaphor going — and why not? It’s my blog — when it’s good, it can suprise you and leave you speechless and pretty much knock your socks off (as well as lot of other pieces of clothing). And it can also, as I know very well, break your heart. (If you don’t believe me, you should see some of the pictures that I felt sure were going to be good…and then they came out of the camera.) Chris Court has something of that about him. His images are mysterious and gothic and painterly and evocative. Even the modern ones. His flowers are breathtaking; his food sensual. I especially love the darker photos. If there had been a photographer during those legendary Tudor and Elizabethan banquets, this is what they would’ve captured.

Check him here.

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