I Am Feeling Quite…Pixely

Miriam-Webster has a spot on their website where they stick the new words that people send them while those words are waiting to make it into the dictionary.

While those of you who’ve read The Phantom Tollbooth think you have an idea of where I’m going with this (and yes, I do have a very vivid picture of all of these very bored words in some sort of Grand Central Station, milling about, waiting for their letter train to be called) but that is not where I’m going today. Today is about the word pixely. Or more precisely, the definition of the word. Their definition describes it as an adjective for something that’s…well…pixelated. Which is all well and good but we already have a word that means something looks pixelated. And that word is…here it comes…pixelated. It feels logical that if you’re going to go through all the trouble to submit a word like this, it should have a definition worthy of all that trouble. I’m feeling that maybe it should describe an emotion. Like when you don’t have one emotion but a whole bunch of emotions that are all popping up at the same time, like gophers popping up out of the ground and you can’t quite grab on to one of them…but almost. Of course, if you could just step back from the situation and detach, it would all become quite clear. But you can’t. So for right now, I am feeling quite…pixely.

Let’s talk tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll sharpen. Speaking Photoshopically, of course.

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