Help me pick a round dining table

I want a place for my bentwood armchairs to hang out. Where my utilitarian white dishware, bright orange dessert plates, old fashioned gold-rimmed glasses and sterling silver cutlery can be counterbalanced by something simple and modern.

I dream of: something modern yet classic (to play against the slightly old skool quality of the chairs), round (to echo their curvy shape), with a light top (to play against their dark wood finish). If you need a visual, see the opening shot (my chairs are the armchair version of those chairs — that I’ve discovered also work if you take the arms off).

1 2
3 4

The candidates:
Bachelor number 1: the Saarinen table with a white base and veined white marble top. This is a solid classic.
Bachelor number 2: the Florence Knoll conference table with a four pronged steel base and a marble top. Slightly lighter in feel, at 54″, it’s the largest of the four. Love that base though.
Bachelor number 3: the Eames round table, it also has a four pronged steel base. The casters make it moveable. The top only comes in light ash veneer though. Kinda on the fence about that.
Bachelor number 4: The good ol’ Ikea Docksta table, it’s utilitarian and definitely the cheapest of the four, coming in at just under $200. If nothing else, it’s a good placeholder table to use while I save up for one of the other three.

Of course, if you have another idea for a tulip/pedestal table I should check out, lemme know.

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  1. laure says:

    number 1 for sure but get the docksta in the mean time!

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