Stylizimo’s Pallet Headboard

The crochet bedspread dilemma has me reconsidering the bedroom so I’ve been looking around, waiting for inspiration to strike…

This pallet headboard, made by Nina Holst (aka Stylizimo), feels like it strikes the right balance between modern and rustic. It feels like it would be a good foil for the bedspread, with its slightly masculine hard edges and unfinished roughness, and it seems easy enough that even someone with the DIY skills of an elephant (that would be me!) could put it together and it would come out looking cool and pretty much like the picture. (I’m feeling pretty sure that all it is is two pallets leaned up against the wall, possibly hammered together…but maybe not even that). And, I’m feeling good that it would work with the Eileen Gray side tables I already have. Hmmm…a distinct possibility. What do you think?

Images: Nina Holst/Stylizimo

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