Help me pick a summer shoe

It’s mid-April. Time to buy my summer wear everyday shoe.

What I’m looking for:  A wedge. Leather, the color of a Louis Vuitton bag’s trim turned brown from use (In case you’re wondering, the ones on the bottom right will turn). Two straps criss-crossed across the front and a strap that buckles across the ankle. A platform. A shoe I can wear with a dress or a pair of jeans, narrow or wide-legged.

Here’s 4 I’m considering. Which one will it be?


What do you think?  I’m putting it to a vote.  (BTW, if you have another one you think I should consider, please let me know.)



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4 Responses to Help me pick a summer shoe

  1. Crystal says:

    D. Kork ease kork ease kork ease!!! Buy it.

  2. Beth says:


  3. grace says:

    totally c. b kinda scares me with the relief pattern on the sides. and d reminds me a bit of ikea particle board.

  4. Dominica says:

    I’m with Beth – CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

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