Influences 1

More and more I’ve come to feel my decor is a mix of all of the visual influences that have impacted me throughout my life. It felt like it would be fun to share some of them.

This is my cousin Jello’s home in Tunisia. Jello and Dore were married for many years and I spent a lot of time with them in Paris, traveling through Europe, and, for a fun few months, in Los Angeles. Jello, who is a photographer, has a strong visual sense coupled with a playful sense of humor and a love of the absurd. His mother is from France and his father is from Tunisia, where he was born and where he spent his childhood. He studied photography in Paris, which is also where he met Dore, and then they lived there for many years while they were married. His home reflects all of this, from the rough fabrics and casual, low, welcoming setting, typical of North Africa, to the sophisticated pattern mix and unique color tonalities that only the French can master.

Images: Jellel Gasteli

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