Incorporating the past: Crochet Afghan

I’ve inherited all kinds of stuff from my family. Some of it I use frequently but sometimes I feel stumped by how to use something in my home.

My grandmother made this amazing crochet afghan. I’d love to incorporate it into my home…but how?

Living, etc. suggested this — which looks good in a picture. I’m feeling apprehensive about doing that though and feeling worried that at the end of a whirlwind day of boiling water and stained hands, all I’d be left with was…a badly dyed afghan.

All I can come up with is that it may be time to update my bed frame. If the bed frame were simple and wood, something more like this or this, it would look cool and modern whereas with the frame I have now, the combination just looks stuffy and old fashioned. (Don’t worry Bean, if I decide to replace the bed frame, you can buy it back from me.)

I’d rather not cut it or dye it. Hmmm…Any thoughts?

BTW, the thing’s huge. Like California King-sized huge.

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2 Responses to Incorporating the past: Crochet Afghan

  1. otismg says:

    Frame it.

    I saw someone frame theirs and it is pretty spectacular….
    I will try to find a pic of it.

  2. sonja says:

    baby dye it!! i will quickly give it a new updated look and you will be happy to be using grandma’s afghan and incorporating in into your home. dylon textile dyes are the best. plus that outdated crochet will feel more like an added texture than a knitted blanket.

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