My pouf, she has arrived!

I’ve been wanting a pouf for ages but the ones I liked were a little…ummm…pricey (WTF, John Derian?). Somehow it came up in a conversation with ED and she was able to find some for me on eBay that I could buy now and were reasonably priced and yeah, I had to wait three weeks for it come from Cairo by steam ship…but here she be!

She arrived yesterday, beautiful and a little misshapen — they come flat and need to be stuffed (I’m planning to fill ‘er up with scarves and gloves and old but well-loved t-shirts and other stuff that never stores neatly) and jumped on and worn in — and is absolutely perfect. Except I forgot one thing.

Lordy, does she stink. Like the NY subway in the middle of the summer, rush hour, car packed, hottest day of the year, train held between stations for who knows what and you find yourself slammed up against some guy, arm up, holding onto the rail, pits giving off more steam than a teakettle at full boil.

Worse than that.

For right now, I’ve thrown in some odor-absorbing volcanic rocks and fragrance beads and sprayed the inside with rose room fragrance, so I’ll see how that works out after a few days. I’ve also heard newspaper can be quite effective.

At least it works on the subway.

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One Response to Pouf!

  1. Emily says:

    Love her! Can’t wait to meet her in person, once she is, well, less “expressive.”

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