Cleaning out the closets

Often I find that, if I have a really challenging problem to solve (like how to get into the story of a pitch), it’s works best if I put it on my mind’s back burner and go do something else.

Today’s something else was cleaning the closets.

I love my home but I hate my closets. I have three of them, plus a linen closet, which sounds like a lot but in reality is not. Back when my home was constructed, prolly sometime in the mid-1930s, people had fewer clothes. That would not be me. I have a lot of clothes, mostly because I don’t throw much out, though I’m trying to do more culling of my closet, especially my shoes.

Ideally, I’d love to have double hanging in my closets but given my drill challenges, this is not going to happen anytime soon, so I am going to have to make do with what I got. It dawned on me that the best way to divide up the clothes was to put the everyday ones in the bedroom, the evening and rarely used clothes in the hall and the outerwear in the living room closet, so that is how I spent my morning.

It’s always fun discovering things you haven’t worn in a while:

It’s hard to see in this picture but the black dress is made of watered silk taffeta and it constructed like a bubble with a big poufy hem and it sort of twists around the body instead of hanging straight down. It sounds awful but on it’s kind of sophisticated and Japanese-y and it’s the kind of dress I can see myself wearing more often as I get older. The beige dress has an illusion neckline. I got it for $2 at one of my favorite vintage stores in LA. It’s a trek and a half to get there but totally worth it once you do. This dress has seen a lot of weddings. The halter dress is my mom’s and it’s from the 70’s and it used to be floor length. I really like the pattern. It’s kind of Missoni and the color mix is kind of ugly, with weird blues and mustard, but somehow it works. I’m definitely going to wear it more often this summer. Gotta figure out about the shoes though. These Kork-ease, maybe? (I’m jonesing for a pair in natural; they may have to be my summer splurge.) I got the purple dress when I worked the sample sale (which, by the way, happens on Sunday — as in tomorrow — deets below.). It’s got that crazy plunging slit so you can’t really wear a bra with it (or not one I’ve been able to find at any rate) and it’s silk charmeuse, which is slinky and revealing, but then the cut and the length is kinda conservative, which makes it super hot. I definitely have to find a place to wear this one.

That was fun!

Okay, now, time to put everything back.

All my hangers are the same which makes my closet look much neater and my shoes are in these plastic sliding boxes from The Container Store and so is the fabric shelving divider and the fabric garment bag. I put down a rug in the bedroom closet and that piece is the base of a table but it’s sturdy enough that I can stand on it to get down the stuff that’s high up. I think I may get some wallpaper for the fronts of the plastic drawers and the hall closet needs more hooks and I might hang up some pictures on the walls — but so far so good. Bneato will be happy.

And I feel like I may have cracked my pitch! All in all, a weirdly productive day.

What: CelaBRAYtion sample sale. Gently used and new desiger clothing at drastically reduced prices including jeans, leather jackets and shoes.
When: Sunday April 3, 11 am – 4 pm
Where: 6019 Simpson Avenue North, Hollywood, CA 91606
How: Tell Caroline I sent you and if you really love it, don’t be afraid to bargain!

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