sometimes i love la, part 1

Look at that view!

I’m a New York City girl. Always have been, always will be. But the longer I’ve lived in LA, the more I’ve grown to love living here. There’s the weather, of course, but it feels like good sex in a relationship: while you’re grateful for it and you’d definitely miss exactly how good it is, it’s not the thing that keeps me here. There are other things I’d miss way more:

  • KCRW – I feel silly confessing that this is a reason but KCRW is definitely one of the first things I fell in love with in LA.  Not only is there Morning Becomes Eclectic, which has introduced me to more than half the folk that populate my ITunes but its got amazing programming.  My life would definitely be different without it.  And let’s not even get into Jonathan Gold.  I feel, my belly feels, crazy happy whenever I eat someplace he’s recommended.  And, now that he gives me advice on what to order (via Twitter), I feel pretty much like I’ve died and gone to food heaven.
  • Beach in the morning, mountains in the afternoon – It feels good to know that if I wake up with a case of the mean reds, a trip to the beach is an easy 20 minute drive away.  Even better? Feeling pretty certain that when I get there, it’ll be pretty deserted.  A few minutes in another direction and I can hike into the mountains.  When you need a shot of deserted nature every once in a while to make you feel centered, it feels good knowing that it’s so close.
  • Driving – After the initial excitement of being able to drive wore off, I felt annoyed at having to drive everywhere.  But then, at some point, I realized that I felt good when I got into the car.  While traffic can be frustrating, I feel a certain amount of freedom knowing I can go anywhere.
  • My house – I feel pretty lucky.  It feels like I always have had good luck when it comes to real estate.  I felt pretty lucky when I finally got an apartment in NY and I lucked into a place where the rent was one third of what my friends were paying, twice as big and perfectly located.  It felt good to land in an equally excellent place when I moved to LA.  I feel uncertain I could go back to living in what I could afford in NY (if such a place even existed) so, while I’m constantly tweaking it and I feel frustrated about the parking, I feel pretty good about my space.
  • My friends – I’ve met some pretty excellent people out here and I’d feel sad to leave them behind.
  • Dinner parties at home – Recently, Walls celebrated her birthday out at a restaurant and, while that felt fun and festive, it feels best when I go to someone’s home for dinner, which is how it usually works in LA.  You get to know someone in a completely different way when you see them in their home. Rose is great at this: a lot of people, a lot of wine, everyone in the kitchen pitching in, there could be board games, there could be a hot tub and it’s loud and chaotic. The night is warm and the food is delicious and it is good to be in LA.

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