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Brutalist chandeliers


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On my Marc

The Bill Cunningham documentary left me buzzed on the exuberance, frivolity and sheer pleasure of fashion. It also left me feeling a little sad. To cheer myself up, I went to Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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Photographer On My Radar: Chris Court

Here is another Ozzie photographer. Chris Court is the brother of Sibella Court, she of the eclectic objects and voluptuous interiors. There is a family style resemblance.

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I Am Feeling Quite…Pixely

Miriam-Webster has a spot on their website where they stick the new words that people send them while those words are waiting to make it into the dictionary.

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happy yellow flowers

lt feels like Gerbera daisies are a kid’s idea of what a really happy flower looks like.

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B.I.T.E. cooks: Dutch Baby

Most mornings I eat eggs for breakfast.  But lazy weekend mornings at home call for a Dutch Baby.

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Photographer on my radar: John Paul Urizar

There seems to be a lot of interesting stuff percolating down under so I wasn’t surprised when I came across the work of Sydney photographer John Paul Urizar.

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road trip: tustin

Elle needed to go to Tustin. Happy Mundane and I went along for the ride.

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Help me pick a round dining table

I want a place for my bentwood armchairs to hang out. Where my utilitarian white dishware, bright orange dessert plates, old fashioned gold-rimmed glasses and sterling silver cutlery can be counterbalanced by something simple and modern.

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Stylizimo’s Pallet Headboard

The crochet bedspread dilemma has me reconsidering the bedroom so I’ve been looking around, waiting for inspiration to strike…

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