the new cupcake?

Apparently cupcakes are on the way out. And pie is the new cupcake. Hmmm…

I’m feeling uncertain about that. I haven’t seen any new pie shops springing up. Macaroon stores, on the other hand, are popping up all over. Which is good since I feel a lot less guilty eating one of these than eating a whole cupcake (that may have something to do with being a Sprinkles girl; those things are all about the two inch high pure butter icing). Plus, they’re super cute and colorful (for some reason I’m partial to the green and violet ones).

So, as I said, I feel like they’re popping up all over. In fact, the other night, after strip mall Korean BBQ (LA is all about strip mall dining), I discovered that there was a macaroon shop right next door. Unfortunately, most of the platters were empty. But I did manage to snag four – olive oil, cassis, green tea and pistachio. When I bit into one, I knew why they only had a few left.

OMG, mymouthexplodedwithawesomeness! I’ve had macaroons before (confession: I’ve pretty much tried them in every place that sells them in LA). These particular ones were uh-mazing. Fluffy, crunchy, creamy, airy, sweet, sour and sticky all at once. My favorite was the olive oil one (Olive oil in sweets may be my new favorite thing.).

Damn, I’m feeling frustrated! I always forget to take a picture before I eat. Prolly because I’m not a food blogger, I just love to eat. You’ll just have to trust me and go:

Twelve Centimeter Macaroons
429 North Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 871-8393

And the Korean noodle house is pretty good too.


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3 Responses to the new cupcake?

  1. laure says:

    pie! we should start a pie shop. we can make mini ones and french ones and weird ones and giant ones.

  2. Luxuriating says:

    I just had the BEST cherry pie at Sweet Lady Jane on Montana. Yum!

    • Abby says:

      cherry pie is my total fave. I’ve been hearing about this place called crust that’s planning a pop up at golden state. you in?

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