BITE: Quotes

-There’ll never be anyone else like you in my life
-You promise?
-I hope.  It’s you who can’t accept it.
-What can’t I accept?
-Why do you stop the car every time that I say something?
-What can’t I accept?
-That we’re a fixture.  That we’re married.  You go on and on about my leaving you but I’m always still here. Sure you don’t want me to leave you?
-Why do you think I’m here?
-I don’t know. That’s the whole thing.
-That’s the whole thing. You never stop to think.
-I’ve stopped to think.
-Stop thinking.
-Now? Here?
-I love happy endings.
-You’re just plain immoral.
-How can it be immoral if we are married?
-We’re going to have to get a divorce.

-Two For The Road
Frederic Raphael

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