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Doncha love…

when you see people working on something they’ve poured their heart and soul into?

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I woke up this morning feeling super achy from my Physique 57 class.

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How wide should the windowshade be?

Sometimes in decorating, as in life, it’s the smallest and silliest details that I feel stumped by.

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just call me abjii

It’s impossible to go to Ikea and not stop at the restaurant.

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flower power

Flowers feel as necessary in the house as food in the fridge.

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Jessica Pezalla

As I’ve said, I’ve always felt it would be awesome to live in a loft. What would even feel more awesome would be if it was really simply furnished so there’d be all this spaaaace and it would be decorated … Continue reading

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Part of the fun…

…of eating is the sitting around…

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Because I always wake up starving, breakfast is the one meal that always makes me feel happy.

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Watching the water

There is nothing that feels as calming as watching the water. Whether it’s waves crashing on the shore, the sea breathing in and out, a waterfall, or just rain falling out the window, I feel peaceful.

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Wake up

Some mornings, there is nothing like a hot shower to make me feel human again. Thank God it’s Friday.

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