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If you know anything about me, you know that I love lingerie…

…prolly almost as much as I love shoes. Normally, I don’t get to share that love with very many people (though the ones I have shared it with have been very appreciative.). So, it was all too fitting that my first article for the stunning Rue Magazine is about a brand-new-to-me lingerie shop in Studio City, Faire Frou Frou. (No pun intended — okay, maybe — but I rue the day — a very rainy Tuesday two days before the article was due — I discovered this place.) Read the magazine. Read my article (on page 220). Visit the store. And then you may discover why lingerie makes me feel very very happy. And really, I wear it because I feel good wearing it. The rest is just icing. Click here for the article.

Thanks in multiples to Anne and Crystal. And also to Rebecca and Laure for introducing me to them in the first place.

Image: Sarah Yates

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