B.I.T.E.: On Finishing And Starting

I love projects.

I love planning them and dreaming about them.  I love doing the research and learning everything there is to know.  There are people that love to finish things and there are people that love to start things. I’m definitely a starter.  My scary closet can attest to that; it’s the resting place for half-done projects.  The sweaters I’ll finish one day, the half-sewn shirt.  Now I’m obsessing on terrariums.  In a frenzy of energy, I felt compelled to buy potting soil and plants following this tutorial.  Now, I’m putting it all together before my attention shifts to something else.  I’m determined to see this one through to the end, to be okay with how it turns out, however it turns out, to get to the parts that are frustrating and boring and don’t look like the picture and move past them to the finish line anyway.  Can I do it?  Stay tuned.

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