Doncha Love…

…Ikea?  There’s so much possibility here, all to be had cheaply.  I got these plant pots there and I’m absolutely loving their rough simplicity.  I also got the plants there.

…white?  It’s clean and fresh and it feels good right now.

…big pots of something warm and bubbling on stove?  Rose made a big pot of chili on New Year’s Day and we all sat around eating it and drinking wine and talking.

…the sound of windshield wipers?   The rhythm is calm and soothing.

…going to the movies on a rainy afternoon?  I’m looking forward to seeing Blue Valentine but I’m afraid I’m gonna cry like crazy.

…how energized you feel today?  The year is clean and new and I’m feeling psyched about what it will hold.  This may be the best Monday of the whole year.

…checking things off your to do list?

…paint?  It can change a room in a second.

…dropping by a friend’s house to pick something up and thinking you’re just gonna run in and out and you end up staying for breakfast?  I always feel like having breakfast with a friend is the best way to start the day off right.

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