BITE Decorates: Living Room Redux

new view

New Year, new look.  Evolving.    My house hasn’t been feeling very much like me.   I’m moving in a new direction.  Clean. Simple.  Spare.  I feel eager for change.  So over the last two weeks I’ve

  • rolled up the rug;
  • moved the dining room to the living room, really committing the dining room to the office;
  • donated a good portion of the knick knacks;
  • drafted a Craigs List posting for the orange lamps, coffee table, rug, credenza, the curtains and the octagonal table;
  • started gearing up to paint the walls white;
  • bought an Eames-style chair from Walls.

Now, it’s time to think about a new couch — something on legs with a button thing going on? a sectional? — and a new coffee table — a log slice on casters was one thought — and a new rug.  This afternoon I’m off to Ikea to pick up new curtains (the Aina), maybe a striped runner, and a couple of other things.

I’m still playing with the layout, moving the couch around, debating which side of the room the dining table should be on, if the poster will stay where it is or move to a different wall, wondering where the TV should go.  I’m impatient with the chaos but I’m resigned to living with it while the plan percolates.  It’s a work in progress.

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