Today, there was a lot of navel gazing…

Seriously.  I mean, have you actually ever thought about your bellybutton apart from the innie/outie debate?  It’s an odd thing, this little semi-hole.  It’s how we prove we’re human.  It connects us to life.  You can’t not have one.  (Even Karolina Kurkova, rumours aside, has a belly button, though it was operated on as a child for a hernia and, as a result is now practically non-existent.)   They’re in relatively the same place on everyone, in the center of your body, and since they are, technically, a scar, everyone’s varies.  And, what about the idea that humans knew to cut them off and tie them off in the first place? That’s the kind of stuff that makes me feel all goose pimply.

Yup, didn’t do much today.

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