Doncha Love…

…small plates and sharing food?

…having a rambling day with friends, where you roll from one activity to another? Suddenly, you’ve spent the whole day together.  If it includes movies and food, even better.

…art supply stores?

…wearing other people’s clothes?  It makes me feel like I put on a little armour of whatever quality they have.

…when people drop by unexpectedly because they were in the neighborhood?

…people’s voices?  The way they sound, the words they choose, their pauses and favorite phrases.  I have this weird thing where I can recognize someone’s voice in one syllable.

…pockets?  I definitely prefer pockets over handbags.

…presents for no reason?  If I do my holiday shopping in advance, I always cave and give whatever I’ve bought to the person right away.

…people who cook for you?

…giving presents to little kids?  They get almost as excited about the wrapping as they do about what’s inside.

…trees that are decorated with lights for the holidays?

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