More changes to the office.

If feels like everyone I know has moved in the last few months. And while I’ve promised myself I’d wait to move until I can move into a loft downtown or a cute house I can put my own spin on, I needed to get that moving feeling so, this week, I started moving things around. First up, the office.  This is the result.

Nothing bought, except the rug ($20!!) and the small sheepskin (a classic, I’ve been wanting one for ages), both from Ikea (love that place!); everything used to live in the living room.  The mirrored credenza used to sit behind the couch; the black stools off to the side were parked under it (The tops flip up; they’re where I store my files), the pink pillows previously decorated the living room couches; the pink chair greeted you when you first walked in (see how my house used to look and where everything used to go here).

Betcha didn’t know I was so glamourous.   Meet my inner Carine (more about her here).

It’s amazing how much shopping you can do in your own home and, for that matter, your own closet.

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