Doncha Love (Design Edition)…

…this room by Brad Ford (photo by Patrick Cline for Lonny Mag)?  It’s everything I’m loving right now — simple and modern and masculine and inviting and rustic and cozy and neutral and warm.

…these amazing shelves (thanks Bneato) ?  I love anything that feels like you could DIY it but you know if you did it would be a total disaster.

…a good chair?  An Eames chair (thanks Walls!) and an Egg chair (I’m not sure what color but the cowhide is pretty rad) are on my list.

…Eero Saarinen’s classic table?  (I’m swooning over the black marble top with the black base).  Also, just for the record, Eero is an awesome name.  It sounds like the name of a superhero.  Which I guess he kinda is.  Or at least a design rockstar.

…the Barcelona couch?  Of course it needs something soft thrown casually across it.  Like an Ikea sheepskin. Mmm.

…the mix of rustic and modern?  What would you call that?  Farmhouse modern? Industrial Chic? French Moderne?

this lamp?  It’s Ikea but they don’t have it in a lot of the stores so I had to lug mine back from Brooklyn. What a girl will do for a $50 lamp.

…dark colors in a room?  Especially in a room where it’s unexpected like a kitchen or an airy bedroom or an otherwise all white bathroom. I’m especially crazy about Farrow & Ball paints, partly because of the names.  I feel excited just reading them:  Elephant’s Breath, Rectory Red, Dead Salmon.  You know it has to be an English company because it’s old (they’ve been around for ages) and traditional (properly made with lots of pigments and environmentally sound) and then you get to the names and they immediately conjure up a Monty Python skit and that’s the giveaway.  That insane English sense of humor.

…flowers and candles in a room?  Not just because I love they way they look but because of how they make a room smell.  That’s always the last layer in a room for me but often it feels like it’s forgotten about. Whether it’s the smell of something baking or cooking or something floral, woodsy or marine (I love amber scents and watery scents); it feels empty to me if a room is missing a smell.

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