Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About…Mercury Retrograde

The Trickster

Warning: Mercury retrograde starts today.   Yes, I know, what a load of…BUT keep an open mind and,  just for an experiment and to humor me, watch over the next three weeks and see if…

…an old friend contacts you.

…your computer or your car or your iPhone break down unexpectedly.

…you find something you thought you’d lost forever.

…you try to connect with someone but you keep missing each other.

…you say something and it doesn’t get interpreted in quite the way you meant.

…that job you applied for months ago and, since you never heard from them, you figured they weren’t interested?  They are.

…you suddenly find yourself thinking about someone you haven’t thought about for a while and you have quite the insistent urge to contact them (if that happens, give in.  The encounter will be extremely pleasant and smooth and you’ll have a chance to reconnect in a way you never thought possible.)

…that letter you submitted and that you thought you’d carefully proofread turns out to have some odd errors.  How could you have missed them?

…you come across that old script you were working on.  Now’s a good time to take another crack at it.

…how did you get lost?  You’ve driven here a thousand times.

…you left in plenty of time, how’s it that you’re late?

…really, the appointment was yesterday?

Just remember, when you’re about to lose your cool (and you will), it’s less about things going wrong than having a chance to untangle things that might not have gone right originally.  Think of it as a chance to redo, revise, rethink, remember.  (It’s a good time to call in an organizer to help you clean out a closet!)  Meet it with curiousity, some caution and an open mind and the rollercoaster ride will be fun rather than scary or frustrating.

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