Doncha Love…

…how funny the words are for things? Like I used to feel water was the funniest word when I was a kid. Who thought of naming this stuff water? If you think about it for a while, it starts to seem silly.  That sound equals that stuff?  Wacky.

…conversations with little kids?  They’re always super intense and serious.

…toy stores?   Especially the small mom and pop ones.

…rye toast?  With butter and salt. Mmm.

…a good quote?

…when you’re getting acupuncture and the needle hits the right spot and you can feel your chi…whoosh?

…running around in bare feet?

…meeting new people?  I love hearing their stories.

…when you’re just waking up but you’re still dreaming and you know you just better keep your eyes closed for a few minutes so you can see the end?

…that weird look on people’s face when you try to explain your dream?

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  1. Dominica says:

    …when your friend comes over Saturday morning with mini croissants? xo

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