Doncha Hate…

…raisins?  I must be the only one in the whole world who hates them.  I feel frustrated; it seems like they put them in everything.

…when somebody finds out you are ticklish and they start tickling you and they won’t stop?  They always think it’s really funny.   It.  is.  not.

…watching scary movies alone?  I don’t even like watching them with people.  I always feel scared, right down into my toes.  Then I say I’m going to the bathroom but really I just sit in the lobby. Or if I’m at someone’s house, it’s a good time to investigate their home more thoroughly.  Thus the roots of my interest in decor.

…when you’re on your way somewhere you’ve never been before and you’re sorta…kinda…okay, admit it, totally lost, and your GPS takes that moment to freeze up?

…people who makes right hand turns from the left hand lane, right in front of you?  It’s not bumper cars, Mister,  you could’ve actually killed me.  Like fer reals.

…when you walk into a restaurant and they say that they’re booked and every table is empty?  Somehow I doubt that George Clooney has this problem.

…when you’ve finally decided what you want to order and the waiter comes over and he starts by saying the they’re out of the very thing you’d decided to have and you have to start all over again at the beginning?   Because I am decision-challenged, this is a particularly excruciating version of Chinese Water Torture.

…when you’re all excited to go to a party and you get sick and have to stay in bed instead? (Note to Typefiend and Miss Chiffonade: This is especially awful if you miss the amazing chocolate cake they were serving and that Miss Chiffonade only makes once a year.)

…the way your nose gets all red and runny and your eyes get all puffy when you cry?  That never happens in the movies.

…how small the print suddenly seems?  When did that happen?

…spending the evening feeling worried that you’ll get home too late to find a parking spot near the house?  I can only imagine how excited I’m going to be when I move into a place that has parking steps away from the door.

…when your mind just absolutely refuses to make the link between concept and practice? It feels like an immense abyss you will never ever ever find a way to cross.  I am feeling this frustration with learning how to use a camera.  I am trying to feel hopeful that if I bang my head against the wall enough times (aka take enough pictures) my brain will get it and I will have that Helen Keller water/sign connection moment.  But not today.

Okay, I am going back to bed.  I am feeling very grumpy today.

image: Afroswede, aka Kurt Nordstrom, from his Flickr, some rights reserved.

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