A good bar is hard to find.

First rule, of course, is good drinks, like old-fashioneds made the right way, or a good list of wines by the small carafe or the glass and bartenders who know what they’re doing and aren’t too talkative.  Bar snacks are always nice, and it has to be someplace you can go in a t-shirt but if you showed up in a dress, you’d feel okay too.   Add in a few points for a still seedy area of town or, if not, someplace you can walk to.  A neighborhood crowd, not all wannabes.  And swively stools are nice.  And, if you went alone, you would feel comfortable, not like you were going to get hit on all night.  And no, I don’t care if the bartender knows my name, just if he serves me a drink when it’s crowded that’s as good as the drink he serves me when the place is empty.  Throw in cute and I’ll be back.  I’m still mixed on the whole Edwardian/70s porn star facial hair thing though.  It looks good on very few people.  (The exception, of course, is always a boy you like.  Then, as Elle pointed out, you never seem to mind.  Even if he looks sorta dopey, he still looks cute to you.  WTRF is that?)  What’s your criteria?  Any good bars I should check out?

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