Doncha Love…Friends

…who offer to cook you dinner.  I love watching people in the kitchen.  This is one of my favorite things.  Especially when you are feeling fragile or down or unmoored.  And then they open up champagne or a really good bottle of red wine, just because.

…who offer to pick you up at the airport even at weird times.  It feels so good to come off the plane to find someone waiting for me at the curb.  Some of the most intense conversations happen in the car on the way back from the airport.

…who wear the same size at you?  Shoes or clothes, it doesn’t matter.  As long as they occassionally lend.

…who make crisises seem like challenges to be welcomed.  What could be a full on blown apart disaster becomes Mary Poppins manageable.

…who are efficient?  Watching how quickly they get things done — decorating a home, selling a house, organizing an event or a party — is inspirational.

…who have an amazing talent?  Watching them at their craft is awe-inspiring.  They always make it look so easy.

…who take the time to teach you and guide you and are generous in sharing their knowledge with you?

…with kids?  Especially the ones, single or married, that also have jobs and passions. They’re often exhausted but I’m impressed how they can manage to be both good and creative parents and good and creative people.

…who are always up for something, and who make even the smallest thing — dinner, food shopping, hanging out and watching So You Think You Can Dance — into the most fun option for the day.

…you can get silly with?  Dancing in bed, talking in funny accents, teasing, serenading you with cheeseball songs, I love friends who can access their inner silly kid.

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