B.I.T.E.: Weekend

There was a camel at the farmer’s market.   In Beverly Hills.   This was worth getting out of bed for.

cherry pop

There was also a table full of tiny tomatoes.  I can’t eat just one.

the drugstore

How can you go to The Container Store and not feel that, if you just purchased this one item — a trunk organizer, over the door hooks, chip clips, these Hermes orange boxes — your whole life would fall into perfect alignment?  Fortunately, I was able to rouse myself from my organizational coma before I did any major wallet damage.  I escaped with this:

It’s an iPhone stand.  Certainly there are better ways to spend $5 but hey, it’s…ummm…useful?  Sorta.  Since the iPhone just leans against it, I guess I coulda used a rock?

Blue, who’s having a Hello Kitty moment, will prolly get this toothbrush holder. Unless I decide to keep it for myself.  My inner 5 year old self, that is.  Who is also having a Hello Kitty moment.  Though, in her attempts to be a grown-up, her taste usually runs more towards this:

These bags are by Judith Lieber.  They cost way more than $5.  Even if they look like they came from Forever 21.  That is kinda the point.

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig jig.  It’s a beautiful day here in LA but since what day isn’t, I’m going to take a bath and go back to bed.  I have the rest of The Tudors to watch and a facial to give myself.

How was your weekend?

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