Doncha Love…

the envelope, please

…snail mail?  Now that I get most of my bills online, it’s often filled with amazing things. Like yesterday:

  • I got a beautiful handmade thank you from Terri & Evan (check out their house tour on Apartment Therapy).  Terri’s an amazing artist; her art covers the walls of their house.  This is going in a frame.
  • Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane sent me the latest issue of his ‘zine,  At Your Leisure. Which came with this super cool teal dream catcher.   Which I hung up immediately (well, right after taking this picture).  Jonathan has the most amazing taste — modern, fresh, simple, direct.   This spread, shot by Laure Joliet (who is trying her damndest to turn me into a good photographer), is going straight on my Pinterest board for my living room redo.
  • The rest of the mail — two magazines, a cheque and a note from the police saying they caught the person who was responsible for the hit and run damage on my car — was also pretty excellent.

…morning movies? Add in a pain au chocolat from Breadbar and I’m happy.

…homeopathic medicine?  Not only does it work, it tastes good.  Little tiny sweet balls that dissolve under your tongue, filled with stuff that stimulates your immune system.

…ethnic markets?  I went to Mitsuwa Marketplace to get some ramen and ended up with a packet of face masks, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass.  Tom Yum facial anyone?

…using I was sick as an excuse to watch multiple episodes of a tv show you’ve never seen before? This was how I got into Fringe.

…ear seeds?  They stick on your acupressure points. The idea is to press on them during the day.

…mani/pedis?  Even if you’re a boy, you should have this done once in your life.

…white toast with strawberry jam?

…iPhone camera apps?  Currently obsessing on LoMob and ShakeIt Photo.

…a just washed car?

…a food filled refrigerator?

…going to the farmer’s market?  Even if I don’t really need anything, I like to go and walk around.  There are so many things to look at and to smell.

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