B.I.T.E.: Weekend Pleasures

It never rains in California?

It threatened rain all day yesterday.  I like LA when it’s cloudy.  Everyone bundles up like it’s early fall.  Then, after the rain, the air is clear and the city sparkles for a few hours and you can see the houses on the hills and it’s really beautiful.

cool cool

The brunch spot, Gjelina, has a cool cave-like interior that was the perfect reflection of the weather.   Everything is reclaimed and texture and invites touching.  There’s a chandelier made from bare Edison bulbs.  If florescents were designed to look like Edison bulbs, I’m sure a lot more people would make the switch.


The menu at Gjelina is kinda straightforward and simple but then you get the food and it is complex and everyone stops talking for a bit.  I guess they operate under the principle of setting up low expectations. Works every time.  Did you ever order something to split and then wish you’d ordered it all for yourself?  Cue their salted caramel pudding. Luckily, I was the only one that really wanted dessert.

My friend Ragnar, played his first LA gig Sunday.  Damn, I wish I played an instrument. Everyone I know harbors a secret rock star fantasy.  That explains the popularity of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Ragnar is the real thing though.  He is ridiculously talented. Check it out for yourself here.

Did you do a new moon ritual Friday night?  Welcome to my inner hippie.  Luxuriating got me doing them.  It’s less a ritual than a reminder to take a few minutes every month to focus on where I want to spend my energy for the next few weeks.  Try it.  The next one’s December 5th.

Images: Gjelina by Gregory Han; New Moon by CocoCozy

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