Doncha Love…

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…when dogs get that quizzical expression?  I’m always curious to know what they’re thinking.

…coming home to a clean house after the maid has been there?  The house smells like lavendar and everything sparkles.  I wonder what her house looks like.

…a clean car?

…when you’ve paid all the bills and there’s still money left over?

…when someone treats you to dinner?  Even better if they’ve also picked the place.

…finding a new cool place?

…a just-made bed? Part of me wants to jump into it and mess it up!

…an entire evening at home to watch your Tivod TV shows?

…finding an author you’ve never read before and then discovering they’ve not just written this one excellent book but it’s part of a whole series?

…new underwear?  Karl Lagerfeld wears new underwear every day.  Sometimes I think that’s wasteful; sometimes I feel certain he has the right idea.

…waking up, thinking it’s Friday and then realizing, no it’s not, it’s Saturday and you’ve got the whole weekend stretched out ahead of you? That’s what the whole week has felt like.

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