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I did nothing yesterday.

Okay, that is not entirely true.  There was the run to Target to get fish food.  The run to CB2 to get a new lamp for my bathroom.  They were closed.  Run home.  Make coffee. Get a call from a friend who offers to come over and hook up NetFlix.  Pick them up on the way back to CB2 to get the lamp.  Get the lamp.  A run into Trader Joe’s.  Hook up NetFlix.  Cod po’boys with kale and bacon, eaten from a truck, for lunch.  Drop off friend. Nap.  Another friend drops by.  Hangs.  Leaves.  A few phone calls, move the car, check email, set a meeting for next week, work on a post, surf the web.  Watch the Laker game. Make cookies.  Eat cookies.  Friend calls.  Taco run.  NetFlix.  Fall asleep on the couch.

As I said, I did nothing yesterday.

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3 Responses to Nothing

  1. Dominica says:


  2. speedgracer says:

    um…thats the best kind of nothing in my book. yay!

  3. Larry Nunno says:

    you’ve just described just about every day of my retirement. Each morning I wake up thinking there’s nothing really going on, and all of a sudden stuff starts, one thing leads to three others. things take off from there, and before you know it you’re looking forward to bed and some rest. Long live retirement. It’s so much better than nothing.

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