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I did nothing yesterday.

Okay, that is not entirely true.  There was the run to Target to get fish food.  The run to CB2 to get a new lamp for my bathroom.  They were closed.  Run home.  Make coffee. Get a call from a friend who offers to come over and hook up NetFlix.  Pick them up on the way back to CB2 to get the lamp.  Get the lamp.  A run into Trader Joe’s.  Hook up NetFlix.  Cod po’boys with kale and bacon, eaten from a truck, for lunch.  Drop off friend. Nap.  Another friend drops by.  Hangs.  Leaves.  A few phone calls, move the car, check email, set a meeting for next week, work on a post, surf the web.  Watch the Laker game. Make cookies.  Eat cookies.  Friend calls.  Taco run.  NetFlix.  Fall asleep on the couch.

As I said, I did nothing yesterday.

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